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Felix Reinders is the new Chair of the Global Framework on Water Scarcity in Agriculture (WASAG)

Felix Reinders is the second Chair of The Global Framework on Water Scarcity in Agriculture (WASAG) who was elected on 2 September 2020 by the WASAG Steering Committee.

Mr. Reinders is a professional engineer with a strong expertise in the field of Agriculture and Civil Engineering. He is has been President of the  International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) since 2017.

Following his election, he  stated:

"In reflection of the creation and achievements of the WASAG it can be said that since WASAG’s launch in 2016, it has been established and grown into an excellent Framework and partnership that has been endorsed and supported at various international fora. The Praia Commitment in 2019 together with the Rome Statement constitute a major milestone and is key to the guidance and success of WASAG. WASAG has played and continues to play a role in many global and regional events, bringing partners together, advocating and giving greater visibility and political attention to water scarcity and agriculture.

We need a water-centric approach to embrace water-energy-food -climate change nexus for global developmental endeavours.  I firmly believe WASAG should focus global and regionally on awareness raising, followed by project development, then research and training with an emphasis on sustainable agriculture water use and drought preparedness.

WASAG succeeds not because it is big or because it has been long established but because there are people building it, who live it, sleep it, dream it, believe in it and build great future plans for it."

A Vice-Chair is expected to be elected during the meeting of the WASAG Steering Committee in November 2020.

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