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Lao People’s Democratic Republic Refines National Action Plan for Sustainable Food Systems at LuangPrabang Province Workshop

Group photo on the Workshop

LuangPrabang Prabang Province, Lao People’s Democratic Republic - Representatives from government line-ministries and UN agencies gathered in LuangPrabang to participate in a two-day workshop aimed at revising the draft National Action Plan for Sustainable Food Systems in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. The workshop, held on 7-8 February 2024, served as a critical step in shaping the country's future food security and nutritional landscape.

Building upon the momentum of the national Food System Summit Dialogue held in 2021, the workshop focused on refining the draft action plan, establishing a robust Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) framework, and exploring potential funding strategies. Participants actively engaged in group discussions across four thematic areas: ensuring safe and nutritious food for all, boosting nature-positive food production, advancing equitable livelihoods and value distribution, and building resilience to vulnerabilities, shocks, and stresses.

“This workshop represents a vital step forward in our collective commitment to transforming food systems in Lao PDR,” said Dr. Phommy Inthichack, Deputy Director General of the Department of Planning and Cooperation and the National Convenor for the Food Systems in Lao PDR. “By collaborating with diverse stakeholders and incorporating their valuable insights, we aim to develop a comprehensive and impactful action plan that addresses the unique challenges and opportunities facing our country.”

The workshop yielded several key outcomes. Participants proposed concrete actions within each thematic area, ranging from promoting diversified farming practices to strengthening social safety nets. Additionally, a draft M&E framework was established to track progress and ensure accountability. Furthermore, discussions sparked potential strategies for mobilizing resources to support the action plan's implementation.

"We are encouraged by the collaborative spirit and constructive dialogue witnessed during this workshop," said Kyung-Mee Kim, FAO Representative to Lao PDR. "FAO remains committed to working alongside the Lao government and all stakeholders to realize the vision of a more sustainable and food-secure future for all Lao people."

The revised National Action Plan for Sustainable Food Systems is expected to be finalized in the coming months, paving the way for concrete implementation. Its success will hinge on continued collaboration and coordinated efforts from all stakeholders.


Lao Media Contact Person/s:

Vilaylack Khounvisith, National Communication Consultant

Bounmee Maokhamphiou, Outreach Specialist