FAO in Lao People's Democratic Republic

New FAO Representative to Lao People's Democratic Republic Marks a New Chapter for Environmental Collaboration


Vientiane Capital, Lao People's Democratic Republic – 16 February 2024. In a significant development for environmental cooperation, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) of Lao PDR has the pleasure of welcoming Ms. Kyung-Mee Kim as the new Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Representative to Lao PDR. This appointment heralds a renewed commitment to the enduring partnership between MONRE and FAO.

Ms. Kim steps into her role with a wealth of experience in sustainable development, which is anticipated to greatly benefit the shared goals of both organizations. Her leadership arrives at a pivotal moment as MONRE and FAO continue to work towards the sustainable management of Lao PDR's natural resources, an objective that is vital for the nation’s prosperity.

The collaboration between MONRE and FAO has a history of tangible successes, such as the Strengthening Agro-Climate Monitoring and Information System (SAMIS) and Climate Adaptation in Wetlands Areas (CAWA), among other projects. These initiatives have delivered substantial benefits to local communities by enhancing more resilient livelihoods and promoting environmental preservation.

Adding to this legacy is the launch of the sustainable transboundary watershed management initiative, an ambitious endeavor in partnership with Vietnam. This initiative focuses on the sustainable management of water resources and ecosystem health within the transboundary Ma and Neun/Ca river basins and their coastal areas, reflecting a shared commitment to regional environmental stewardship.

The meeting concluded with Ms. Bounkham Vorachit, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, expressing sincere appreciation to Ms. Kyung-Mee Kim for her visit and strengthening cooperation between MONRE and FAO. She conveyed her belief in continuing to work together to enhance mutual cooperation in the near future.

Looking ahead, MONRE is eager to deepen its collaboration with FAO across several priority areas, including land use and forestry, water resources management, biodiversity conservation, climate resilience, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These efforts are critical to achieving the sustainable use and management of natural resources, which in turn will enhance the well-being of Lao PDR’s population.

As this collaborative journey unfolds, MONRE extends its heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Kyung-Mee Kim and the FAO team for their unwavering dedication and support. The Ministry is confident that this partnership will lead to a flourishing future for Lao PDR’s natural resources and environment sectors, ensuring the nation's resources are managed wisely for generations to come.


Lao Media Contact Person/s:

Vilaylack Khounvisith, National Communication Consultant 
Bounmee Maokhamphiou, Outreach Specialist