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Rome Water Dialogue 2023

04/10/2023 05/10/2023

The 2023 Rome Water Dialogue will provide an opportunity to:

  • Raise awareness on the interlinkages, synergies and holistic solutions relating water to soils, land, climate change, biodiversity, fisheries, forestry, agriculture, food security and nutrition
  • Foster collective implementation of FAO’s eight commitments to the UN 2023 Water Conference.
  • Discuss FAO’s further engagement during the biennium 2024-2025 on the theme of water as well as FAO’s milestones on its Water Journey.
  • Deepen the connections between agriculture and water sectors.

Read the detailed programme here. During the event, Valerie Johnston, the Legal Officer of FAO, will introduce AQUALEX and its importance in enhancing water governance and tenure.

For more information, read the dedicated webpage.