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Adequate Food: The Human Right of us All

Online event 01/02/2024 01/02/2024

It is our pleasure to invite you to the webinar to introduce FAO’s self-paced course on “Adequate Food: The Human Right of us All". The event will be held online on 1 February 2024 at 16:00 (Rome time) - 11:00 (Guyana time). Check the time in your country. Follow the transmission here.

This free course was launched in 2023 on the occasion of Human Rights Day. It aims to disseminate essential concepts about the right to adequate food and the situation of this right in different countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. It responds to the crucial need to enhance awareness and understanding of this fundamental human right, emphasizing its multidimensional nature beyond mere caloric intake.  Upon completion, participants can download a certificate awarded by FAO RLC.

The right to food is not limited to being free from hunger or having a guaranteed minimum of daily calories, but also involves economic, social, cultural, and environmental elements that must be considered for its fulfilment. When doing this, the specific implications of the right to food regarding various population groups with different food and nutritional needs, such as children, women, Indigenous Peoples, Afro-descendants, and others must be addressed.

This webinar will promote and highlight the main contents of the course, with a focus on the Caribbean, to engage key stakeholders and potential students to make the enjoyment of the right to adequate food a reality for everyone.