Locust Watch
Locusts in Caucasus and Central Asia

Technical Workshop on Locusts in Caucasus and Central Asia (CCA), Pushkin, Russian Federation, 26-30 October 2015

The Agenda of the Technical Workshop was as follows:


1. Opening address

2. Election of Chairman, Vice-Chairman & Drafting Committee

3. Adoption of the agenda

Session 1: National locust campaigns in 2015 and forecasts for 2016

4. National locust campaigns in 2015 (countries' presentations)

5. Locust forecast for 2016 and preparation of the next campaign (countries' presentations)

Session 2: Implementation of the Programme to improve locust management in Caucasus and Central Asia

6. Overview on Programme implementation in 2015 and funding situation

7. Regional cooperation in 2015
a) Regular information sharing: how to further improve the monthly bulletins?
b) Cross-border or joint surveys (May 2015)
- Armenia - Azerbaijan - Georgia - Russia (countries' presentations)
- Kyrgyzstan - Uzbekistan (countries' presentations)
- Kyrgyzstan - Tajikistan (countries' presentations)
- Tajikistan - Uzbekistan (countries' presentations)

8. National capacities' development

a) Trainings held in 2015:
- Locust monitoring and information management: Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, May 2015 (countries' presentation)
- Mitigating and monitoring the impact of locust control on human health and the environment: Uzbekistan, August 2015 (country's presentation)
b) Update on fellowships on locust management
c) Presentation of the monographs on the three locust pests

9. Workshop on locust contingency plans in CCA: main outcomes

10. Presentation of the newly-approved Japanese project for Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan (and synergies with other projects within the Programme)

11. Programme of work during Year 5 (2016) and in the coming years: what's next?

Session 3: Developing monitoring and analysing systems (Geographical Information System)

12. Testing the Automated System of Data Collection (ASDC): lessons learnt and recommendations (pilot countries' presentations: Georgia, Russia and Uzbekistan)

13. Update of fields in ASDC

14. Update on the development of the regional Geographical Information System (GIS) in CCA

Session 4: Locust control

15. Presentation of the latest Pesticide Referee Group Report (December 2014) and of the Stakeholder Workshop on procurement and supply of pesticides for locust control (September 2015).

16. Progress made on spraying technologies, products and biopesticides (countries' feedback)

17. Presentation of the video on the use of Ultra-low Volume technology in locust control

18. Presentation of the advocacy and tutorial videos on the use of biopesticides against locusts

Session 5: Risk reduction for human health and the environment

19. Mitigating impact of locust control operations:
a) E-Committee on empty pesticide container management

20. Monitoring impact of locust control operations:
a) Activities carried out by the newly-created Human Health and Environment Monitoring Team in Tajikistan, lessons learnt and recommendations (country's presentation)
b) Pilot activity to develop a monitoring system on quality control and efficacy of locust treatments in Kyrgyzstan (country's presentation)
c) Conclusions of the Study on the fate of insecticides used for locust control on pasture in Kyrgyzstan - residue analysis (country's presentation)

21. Progress made on safety and environmental precautions (countries' feedback)


22. Any other business

23. Adoption of the report

24. Closure address