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Release of FAO + Switzerland Report

An innovative partnership for global challenges


The latest FAO + Switzerland partnership report shows the catalytic achievements and innovative solutions of FAO’s collaboration with one of our strongest partners.

From 2008 to 2018, Switzerland supported FAO in facilitating normative work on agriculture and sustainable food systems, as well as rapid emergency response through FAO’s resilience programme. During the same period, the country profoundly contributedto efforts in achieving Zero Hunger through food loss and waste reduction, food safety, governance of tenure, resilient rural livelihoods, genetic resources, nutrition, sustainable livestock, plant production and health, water management, and sustainable mountain development.

Switzerland has also demonstrated a steadfast commitment to sustainable development. Complementary support provided by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, and the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture has enhanced sustainable production and equal access to adequate food by helping farmers and their families mitigate the impacts of changes to their social, economic and physical environments. In addition, Switzerland contributed to global initiatives that foster the sustainable use of natural resources — including soil, water and biodiversity — as well as gathering and disseminating agricultural knowledge, strengthening multistakeholder partnerships and promoting global food governance.

For 73 years and counting, Switzerland has been among the Organization’s foremost partners, cooperating in a vast range of fields in support of shared goals. This partnership report details the most recent ways our ongoing and ever-innovative partnership has risen to overcome today’s complex global challenges.

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About the series:

The FAO + Partnership Report Series highlights the concrete results achieved through the continued support of key resource partners. These reports detail contributions, initiatives, innovations, impacts, outcomes and human-centred stories from the field. In turn, they show how deepening our engagement with resource partners and fostering new alliances is vital to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

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