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The Steering Committee of the Mountain Partnership provides programmatic orientation to the Mountain Partnership, oversees the preparation of a four-year strategy and a two-year workplan. The 17-member body monitors the work of the Mountain Partnership Secretariat, the implementation of the ‘Mountain Agenda’ and the achievements and impacts of their respective electoral groups.

Steering Committee members are elected to four-year terms by the various membership categories and regions. They meet annually and select a Chair and Vice Chairs.

The following governments and organizations are serving on the 2017-2021 Steering Committee:

Donor Organization to the MPS

Asia and the Pacific: PhilippinesNepal (Alternate)
Europe: Italy (Chair)
Türkiye (Alternate)

Near East and North Africa: Tunisia 
North and Central America and the Caribbean: Dominican Republic, Guatemala (Alternate)
South America: ArgentinaChile (Alternate)
Sub-Saharan Africa: Uganda, Cameroon (Alternate)

Host Institution of the MPS
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Intergovernmental Organization
United Nations Environment Programme, International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (Alternate)

Major Group Organizations
Asia and the Pacific: Karnali Integrated Rural Development and Research Centre (Vice Chair)Pan Himalayan Grassroots Development Foundation (Alternate)
Central Asia: Institute for Sustainable Development Strategy Public Fund, Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation (Alternate)
Europe: Centro de Investigação de Montanha and Euromontana
Global Civil Society Organization: Mountain Research Initiative
Near East and North Africa: Mountain Environment Protection Society
North and Central America and the Caribbean: Aspen International Mountain Foundation (Vice Chair)Fundación CoMunidad (Alternate)
South America: Consortium for Sustainable Development of the Andean EcoregionFundación Agreste (Alternate)
Sub-Saharan Africa: Foundation for Environment and DevelopmentLes Compagnons Ruraux (Alternate)

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