Food loss and waste

Across the globe, approximately 14 percent of the world's food, valued at $400 billion is lost on an annual basis between harvest and the retail market (FAO 2019). At the same time, an estimated 17 % of food is wasted at the retail and consumer levels (UNEP, 2021).

Reducing food loss and waste is a significant lever for broader improvements of our food systems toward improving food security, food safety, quality and sustainability and increasing efficiency. FAO focuses its work on the reduction of loss in the supply chain, i.e. loss that occurs between harvest and the market.

A spectrum of global public goods - including guidelines, tools and methodologies, training materials and e-learning courses - tailored to different target audiences, designed to support capacity development for managing quality and reducing food losses in the supply chain, with strengthened accounting for implications for environmental resource use, economic and social issues and food safety and nutrition, are accessible here.

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