Academia and Research Institutions

Our Approach

FAO enters into partnerships with academia and research institutions based on shared vision and common goals. Such collaborations provide added value and critical benefits to FAO’s Members.

Partnerships development includes the identification of concrete actions aligned with FAO’s strategic priorities, Regional Initiatives and Country Programming Frameworks (CPFs) while enhancing the exchange of expertise in areas linked to FAO’s mandate.

Through providing expert knowledge and policy support academia and research partners are actively involved in key FAO’s initiatives, such as the United Nations Decades of Action, the celebration of the International Years and International Days, promoting innovation and supporting the Hand-in-Hand Initiative.

Academia and research institution partners have been also collaborating with FAO to develop joint actions to address global emergencies affecting food and nutrition security such as COVID-19.

Further, academia and research institutions benefit from partnering with FAO by providing opportunities to strengthen technical and institutional capacities, gain access to information and knowledge resources, participate in policy dialogue and engage with other stakeholders to share and scale-up experiences and best practices for achieving the SDGs.

As the onset of COVID-19 has negatively affected food systems, FAO has developed specific tools to support policy analyses and assess the impact of COVID-19 on food and agriculture, value chains, food prices, and food security across the globe.