Civil Society

Partnership Brief Series: IFOAM Organics International Supports Mountain Producers

11/11/2021 - 


In order to promote some of the work FAO has been undertaking in partnership with civil society organizations (CSOs, the Civil Society Partnership team of the FAO Division for Partnerships and UN Collaboration (PSU) is putting together a small series of short publications, highlighting some of the successful collaborations of recent years.


The first of the series highlights the partnership FAO with with IFOAM – Organics International.  FAO and IFOAM – Organics International formalized their partnership in 2018 with a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which was renewed in 2021.  Through this partnership, FAO and IFOAM – Organics International have carried out many activities, including knowledge exchange, advocacy and capacity development, particularly related to the themes of agroecology and organic agricultural practices.


This specific brief focuses in on one area of the ongoing collaboration with IFOAM – Organics International, in particular, the work done through the Mountain Partnership Products Initiative.  The brief provides some key facts and results from this collaboration.