Resource Mobilization

Supporting Agriculture and Rural Development in Albania

Albanian agriculture and rural areas entered a new stage of development with the country’s application for EU membership in 2010. The project strengthened capacity to implement the EU pre-accession and accession processes and support agriculture and rural development policy measures that help ensure a sustainable and resource-efficient development of rural areas, as well as a better quality of life for rural dwellers.

What did the project do

Skills and capacities of government administrative and ministry staff were enhanced, and organization, procedures and work flows for policy coordination were improved. Trainings were held on statistics, marketing standards, quality policy, geographic indications, approximation in agriculture and rural development, economic and policy analysis and monitoring and evaluation of agricultural policy. An intergovernmental working group was established and the development of a gap analysis (on marketing standards for meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables, geographic indications) and consultation process led to the initiation of new amendments by public institutions to improve the implementation of the Geographic Indications (GI) scheme and national quality label, as well as clearer guidelines to regulate GIs. Based on the gap analysis for marketing standards, coaching and training courses were held to guide the approximation process and align national legislation with EU standards and policies, as well as to improve technical skills of the leadership of the ministry, its staff and other government agencies.


The project prepared a strategy to facilitate and provide technical guidance, training and meetings of the ministerial working groups to enhance evidence-based policy design and induce the structural development of the agricultural sector. The implementation of the Inter-sectoral Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development (2014-2020) was supported by strengthening capacities of government staff, which marked deep transformational impacts for the agricultural and rural sectors, as well as for the agro-processing industry. The project outputs contribute to better living standards and income opportunities in rural areas and provide a market-driven institutional framework for the modernization of the food sector, farm diversification and better decisions based on quality data available in the ministry.


  • Improved structural organization and inter-sectorial dialogue with producer groups, internal procedures and work flows for policy formulation, coordination and internal policy functions in MARDWA.
  • Economic analysis capacities enhanced and policy impact assessment, monitoring and evaluation systems proposed.
  • Technical advice provided to the policy process to adopt national legislation with EU marketing standards and food quality policy (geographic indications, organic production, general approximation with EU in agriculture and rural development).
Project symbol: TCP/ALB/3503
Project title: Support to the implementation of the Inter-sectoral Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development 2014-2020
Contact: FAO Office in Albania / Dmitry Zvyagintsev (REU Policy Officer, Lead Technical Officer)