Resource Mobilization

On the occasion of their Annual Consultation, FAO and Norway strengthen their collaboration and commitment towards the achievement of the SDGs

24/05/2017 - 

The Annual Consultation with the Norwegian delegation was held on 19 May 2017 at the FAO headquarters in Rome. FAO acknowledged the very generous contribution of USD 45 million to the operation of the new research vessel Dr Fridtjof Nansen. Norway and FAO also discussed the First Meeting of the Parties to the 2009 FAO Port State Measures Agreement (PSMA), and the First Meeting of the Ad Hoc Working Group which will take place in Oslo from 29 May to 2 June 2017, with the participation of the Director-General of FAO. FAO expressed its appreciation to Norway for convening these meetings.

The partnership with the Norwegian Government focusing on the Nansen Programme is of major importance for FAO. It is aligned with SDG 14, Conserve and Sustainably Use Oceans, Seas and Marine Resources for Sustainable Development, and was first launched in March 2017. The vessel is the only research ship that flies the UN flag. Its mission is to study some of the planet's least-explored oceans – resorting to cutting-edge technology and sophisticated equipment to help developing countries assemble scientific data critical to sustainable fisheries management – and how a changing climate is affecting our oceans.

At the Annual Consultation, Norway and FAO discussed the topics Climate–Smart Agriculture, Fisheries, Genetic Resources, and the Right to Food. Norway pledged a contribution of NOK 31 million (approximately USD 4 million) for the areas of Fisheries and Genetic Resources. 

While Norway expressed its appreciation to FAO for its custodianship of 21 SDG indicators, FAO expressed gratitude to the Government of the Kingdom of Norway for the continuous and fruitful collaboration in their common areas of work.