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A successful evaluation of the framework agreement between France and FAO

25/05/2017 - 

A consultative meeting between France and FAO took place on Wednesday, 17 May, at FAO Headquarters in Rome. The meeting’s goal was to assess the implementation of the framework agreement for the period of 2012-2017, signed in 2012. Also, technical and transversal aspects were subjects of evaluation.

Very fruitful discussions took place with the French delegation which encompassed representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, research institutes and the ‘L’Agence française pour le développement’ (L’AFD). During the different sessions, the various means of the framework’s interventions were covered as well as its contribution towards the strategic programs. The two parties emphasized France’s contribution during the five last years towards achieving the framework agreement’s goals. France’s contributions were of financial nature as well as in the form of providing high level experts and initiating arrangements for partnerships with research institutes. Furthermore, preliminary possibilities of collaboration for the next years were explored. 

This assessment will be an important tool for devising a new framework agreement for the period of 2018-2021. Each team of the two parties will work on a draft for a new framework agreement which will be subject of validation during a high-level strategic dialogue during the course of the third trimester 2017, and hence, the signing of the new framework agreement at the end of the year