Сотрудничество Юг – Юг и трехстороннее сотрудничество

FAO South-South Cooperation Exchange | Brazil and Lao PDR: improving contract farming

South-South Cooperation is an excellent mechanism for developing countries to share knowledge and resources in solidarity, and to adapt experiences that have already worked well in one place for the benefit of others.

So they did Brazil and Lao PDR with regards to Contract Farming development, which can an attractive option to farmers who want to assure market access and support production.

25 provincial and district agricultural officers and farmers, from four target provinces of Lao PDR, received training on Contract Farming practices from Dr Carlos A. da Silva, Professor at the University of Viçosa, Minas Gerais, Brazil, and Mr Teemu Viinikainen, Expert from FAO. They learnt how to better integrate to markets, in order to establish fairer and more efficient agricultural and food systems in the country.

Before this workshop, two Laotian officers from the Ministry of Agriculture had participated in a study tour conducted and coordinated by Professor da Silva, across different regions in Brazil.