Lutte contre les organismes nuisibles et gestion des pesticides

Pesticide Specifications

FAO/WHO establishes and publishes specifications for pesticides and their related formulations.

The specifications are intended to enhance confidence in the purchase and use of pesticides and thus to contribute to human and environmental safety, as well as to more sustainable agricultural production and improved public health.

The purposes of these publications are to:

  • provide a normal standard of quality for contract to ensure good quality of pesticides in trade
  • be used as an international point of reference for assistance in the official approval of national authorities and acceptance of pesticides
  • harmonize relevant national and/or international standards hence to facilitate world trade in pesticides.

The Manual on development and use of FAO and WHO specifications for pesticides describes the principles and methodologies applied by the JMPS for establishment of the pesticide specifications. The Manual is available in English, French and Spanish.

Other documents in support of FAO specifications

Call for Data for the convention of the old specifications