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Issue paper

Overviews of Food Systems and Agro-Industry, Value Chains and Food Loss and Waste in the Countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Many countries in the region have seen positive changes in agricultural development in recent years associated with countries’ reforms during the transition period after the Soviet Union collapse, as well as due to support from international organizations. This report overviews eighteen countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The report examines agriculture sectors and food systems, relevant programmes, it reveals the status of agro-processing sector and value chain development activities, and it covers food loss and waste. In the final analysis it was concluded, that more research and data collection are needed to understand the extent of food loss and waste at regional and national levels. It is recommended to update the regional agroindustry briefs that were compiled by FAO in 2014, and to supplement the briefs with the information on value chain development and food waste and loss. The report encourages better dissemination and sharing of results from partner organizations’ work on value chains, postharvest handling, agro-processing and particularly food loss and waste activities.

The report highlights that food loss and waste in the Europe and Central Asia region is not addressed in a uniform way. The report recommends to conduct more farmers’ trainings in harvesting techniques and improving access to infrastructure and markets (especially for smallholders). Companies and service providers in cold value chains should be supported in handling and increasing capacities. One of the highlighted challenges is a matter of connecting rural producers with logistics centres. Better integration of smallholder farmers into value chains is needed. Improving the enabling environment is crucial and will depend on enhancing the capacity of supporting institutions, including better understandings of current situations and challenges in order to provide countries and relevant stakeholders with solutions on improving effectiveness of value chains, including measures to reduce food loss and waste at all stages of the value chain.

Europe & Central Asia