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WinDASI: A Software for Cost-Benefit Analysis of Investment Projects. EASYPol Series 020

This analytical tool illustrates how to carry out cost-benefit calculations of investment projects in WinDASI, after data are entered in the database. It explains, by means of a step-by step procedure, how to calculate flows of physical quantities of outputs, inputs and investment items; flows of current, discounted and cumulative costs, benefits, and net benefits; flows of incremental (With-Without project) current, discounted and cumulative net benefits; and project indicators such as the Net Present Value (NPV), the Internal Rate of Return (IRR), the Benefit/Cost Ratio, (BCR), the Switching Values (SVs) and Sensitivity Analysis.

Instructions are provided on how to carry out calculations for the different components of an investment project, notably plans, zones and projects. In addition, this module addresses normal and phased mode of calculation and comparisons of different projects alternative scenarios.

FAO, Agricultural Development Economics; Lorenzo G. Bellù