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Linking Nationally Determined Contributions and the Sustainable Development Goals through agriculture . A methodological framework

This paper identifies potential “climate action-sustainable development pathways” spanning 17 major agricultural climate action categories and the 17 SDG targets. The aim of this mapping exercise is to explore the extent to which the two agendas are aligned for the prioritization of those climate actions that have the potential to co-deliver on the Paris Agreement and 2030 Agenda. As the window of opportunity is closing to bridge the emission gap and adapt to climate change before it is too late, the inter-linked and mutually reinforcing climate and sustainable development agendas present a natural framework for designing policies that leverage synergies between both. While the Paris Agreement and SDGs are generally planned and implemented in silos, their intersection in the agriculture sectors highlights an opportunity for integrated implementation. The methodological framework presented in this document attempts to facilitate the identification of policy and investment entry-points in the agriculture sectors that can accelerate progress across both agendas in tandem. The analysis aims to push national policy makers and decision makers, as well as international negotiators and global agenda setters, towards an integrated approach to climate action and sustainable development, particularly in the agriculture sectors, upon which 80 percent of the world’s poor and most vulnerable depend for their livelihoods.