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Issue paper

Sowing the seeds of peace for food security. Disentangling the nexus between conflict, food security and peace. FAO Agricultural Development Economics Technical Study 2

It is generally assumed that there are strong links between conflict, food security and peace. However, the precise underlying causes and channels that determine these links are often not well understood. More research and data are required to generate the evidence base that helps guide both national and international responses. The present study aims to add to this knowledge. It comes at a time of enhanced risk of famine and severe food crisis in several parts of the world, with conflict as the common denominator. It also comes at a time when the total number of hungry people in the world appears to be on the rise again after a prolonged decline. The present publication was developed to provide background analysis for the purposes of the thematic part of The State of Food Security and Nutrition 2017. It provides additional empirical material and technical assessments that could not be included in the flagship report. It aims to serve the same purpose: that is, to enhance the understanding of how conflict impacts on food insecurity and malnutrition, and how improvements in food security, nutrition and rural livelihoods can contribute to preventing conflict and sustaining peace.