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Case study

Development of Agricultural Information for Policy - TCP/FIJ/3503 (Phase I) and TCP/FIJ/3701 (Phase II)

Agriculture plays a critical role in Fiji’s development by upholding food and income security, promoting the advancement of communities and offering opportunities in international trade. In 2013, agriculture accounted for 9 percent of Fiji’s GDP, with the industry growing by 3.4 percent thanks largely to increased production of sugarcane, yagona, taro and coconut (according to the FBoS). In 2014, an agricultural statistics unit, headed by a trained statistician, was established in the MoA in an effort to improve data collection and analysis in the agriculture sector. This has led to the implementation of an agricultural survey and, consequentially, the identification of capacity building requirements within the MoA regarding the design, implementation and dissemination of the survey, as well as sampling methods.The limited accuracy, collection and dissemination ofinformation on agricultural production makes it difficult for stakeholders, both public and private, to monitor the performance of the agriculture sector, evaluate the impact of public sector interventions and external events (e.g. cyclones) and develop evidence-based policies and strategies for economic growth.

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