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Ending Hunger and Malnutrition. FAO collaboration with parliamentarians on food and nutrition security

Eradicating hunger and malnutrition is at the center of FAO’s efforts. In order to achieve this, all stakeholders must be involved. This includes Parliamentarians and non-State actors such as Civil Society and the Private Sector.

Evidence has shown that the improvement in food and nutrition security is principally due to policies, programs and frameworks that are anchored in legislation. Parliamentarians are fundamental custodians of political commitments on food security and nutrition; therefore critical partners in achieving food and nutrition security.

FAO, through its Partnerships, Advocacy and Capacity Development Division (OPC), seeks partnerships and closer collaboration with Parliamentarians, as we work towards meeting our mutual commitments on food and nutrition security, including the right to adequate food. Parliamentarians’ efforts are key to placing these issues at the highest level of the policy and legislative agendas.

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