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The Global Agriculture Perspectives System (GAPS). Version 1.0. ESA Working Paper No. 16-06

The purpose of this document is to provide a full description of FAO’s partial equilibrium modelling system known as GAPS. GAPS has been developed by FAO to study the development of global food markets in the long-term and to assess how socioeconomic fluctuations, climate change and investment pay-offs may affect future global food demand.

GAPS is a simple self-contained model which specifies demand and supply for agricultural and food commodities with global coverage and great detail for low and middle income countries. It is shaped around FAOSTAT data on production and commodity balance sheets, which enables a detailed specification of agricultural and food commodities.

Furthermore, GAPS allows to assess impacts of changing conditions in food commodity markets on the prevalence of undernourishment. This makes GAPS a suitable tool to simulate future food supply requirements in the context of changing demand and ambition to eradicate hunger and malnutrition.

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