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Issue paper

Exploring the Human Rights-Based Approach in the Context of the Implementation and Monitoring of the SSF Guidelines. Workshop Proceedings

The SSF Guidelines are based on internationally accepted human rights standards and are to be interpreted and implemented in accordance with those standards. Their objectives are to be met through the promotion of a human rights-based approach (HRBA). This approach seeks to ensure the participation of small-scale fishing communities in nondiscriminatory, transparent and accountable decision-making processes by putting particular emphasis on the needs of vulnerable and marginalized groups and developing countries. While the HRBA has been recognized by FAO as a principle that informs the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects, there is still limited experience in its practical application in the context of small-scale fisheries.

It is therefore important to explore how this approach could support the implementation and monitoring of the SSF Guidelines. Accordingly, the workshop on “Exploring the human rights-based approach in the context of the implementation and monitoring of the SSF Guidelines” explored what the human rights-based approach means within the context of small-scale fisheries in general and the thematic areas covered by the SSF Guidelines in particular. It discussed what the HRBA entails in terms of the conduct of the various state and non-state actors to whom the SSF Guidelines are addressed as well as the needs of the different stakeholders in the various policy areas, with a view to developing guidance materials for the application of the HRBA in the implementation and monitoring of the SSF Guidelines.

Thirty-two external and FAO staff discussed various thematic aspects of the SSF Guidelines in this respect, and agreed that activities that are geared towards implementing the SSF Guidelines should mainstream the HRBA, while the implementation of the approach in the SSF sector should be continuously explored and case studies and supporting guidance materials should be developed.