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Strengthening Sector Policies for Better Food Security and Nutrition Results: Political Economy Analysis. Policy Guidance Note 8

A solid understanding of domestic political economy helps to promote policies that are better adapted to country realities. The challenges that many governments faced in responding to food price volatility during the 2008 global food crisis re-focused attention on the political economy and implementing effective national policy responses on food security and nutrition. Understanding the political economy behind public policy-making and implementation is crucial to enhancing the effectiveness of policy support to countries and increases the chances of nationally-led reforms that result in better food security and nutrition outcomes. This political economy analysis note is intended to support policy practitioners and other stakeholders in working in a more politically informed way towards a coherent set of policies across relevant sectors. It demonstrates how political economy analysis can add value to policy support work, gives examples of key political economy challenges in food security and nutrition and shres information on the existing frameworks and analysis tools. 

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