Глобальная программа действий ФАО в отношении опылительных услуг в интересах устойчивого сельского хозяйства

Buzzing with life

They are known as hard-working, detail-oriented and fiercely determined, friends of flowers and makers of the nectar that sweetens our morning coffees and teas. There are many ways bees help the environment and enrich human life. But did you know these little insects are also powerful partners in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals?

By acting as pollinators, bees promote biodiversity (Goal 15) and fight hunger (Goal 2). They provide decent jobs (Goal 8) in agriculture and other sectors, advancing Goal 1, no poverty. They maintain balance in our ecosystems, but these little helpers are under pressure from a variety of forces. Click here to learn what all the buzz is about, and help spread the word about the power of bees!