Peste des petits ruminants


SMALL RUMINANT POPULATION (goat-sheep): 135.000.000 - 65.000.000
EPIDEMIOLOGICAL SITUATION FIRST/LAST OUTBREAK: First PPR outbreaks reported in 1986 in sheep in village Arasur in Villapuram district of Tamil Nadu. The disease occurred throughout the year but more common in October and March. PPR is currently endemic in different states.
CONTROL ACTIVITIES: PPR-Control Programme is being implemented throughout the country as one of the component of the “Livestock Health and Disease Control” envisaging mass vaccination of eligible sheep and goat population. A total of Rs.535.7 million (Central + State share) is allocated in 2018-19 to do onetime vaccination for PPR. Subsequently, the new born population will be vaccinated till 2022 aiming to eradicate the disease by 2025.