Peste des petits ruminants


SMALL RUMINANT POPULATION (goat-sheep): 11.692.227 - 11.771.916 (data from FAOSTAT 2016)
EPIDEMIOLOGICAL SITUATION FIRST/LAST OUTBREAK: First occurrence of PPR reported in 2006. Sero-surveys conducted between 2006 and 2009 revealed sero-prevalence of 6.5 percent in North-Western Somalia, 28.7 percent in North-Eastern Somalia, 32.6 percent in Central Somalia and 37.6 percent in Southern Somalia.
CONTROL ACTIVITIES: Ad hoc vaccinations characterized by low vaccination coverage and poor coordination among the actors were conducted up to 2011. In 2012, FAO, in collaboration with the Livestock Professional Associations and ministries responsible for livestock, conducted county-wide PPR vaccination campaigns covering the five zones of Somalia namely; Banadir, Central, North-Eastern, North-Western and Southern. Approximately 20 million sheep and goats constituting 60% of the estimated Somalia national small ruminant population were targeted for vaccination in entire Somalia. From the 20,000 sera collected, antibodies were detected in 76% of these samples.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Somalia has a large small ruminant population associated with high reproductive rate, high population turnover rate and massive cross border movements between Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya.