Research and Extension Systems

FAO and AGRINATURA further advance their partnership to promote agricultural innovation

22 Sep 2015

FAO and AGRINATURA strengthened their collaboration by participating together in the panel discussion of the 39th Session of the European Commission on Agriculture. AGRINATURA was invited at the panel discussion within the framework of the partnership with FAO to promote capacity development for Agricultural Innovation System (AIS) in developing countries.

The panel discussion, held in Budapest (Hungary), on 22 September 2015, focused on various aspects of agricultural innovation for family farming, and was attended by Nevena Alexandrova-Stefanova (Agricultural Innovation Systems and Knowledge Sharing Officer at the FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia), Botir Dosov (Technical Advisor for CACAARI) and Michael Hauser (President of AGRINATURA). Karin Nichterlein (Officer-in-Charge of FAO's Research and Extension Unit), was the moderator for the discussion, which was based on the conclusion and recommendations of a background paper prepared by FAO.

"Farmer-led innovation is a precondition for sustainable family farming", said Michael Hauser. "Fostering innovation in family farming requires inclusive agricultural extension and advisory services, innovation brokers, smart financing mechanisms, and a policy environment sending the right signals to farmers and the agricultural sector".   

Following the panel discussion and the statements provided by the Commission members on the background paper, the Commission pointed out that innovation in family farms is crucial for long-term food-security, rural poverty reduction and environmental sustainability in Europe and Central Asia, and called for a system change towards more pluralistic and demand driven AIS in all agricultural sectors in the region. In addition, the Commission encouraged FAO to continue assisting member countries in revising their agricultural policies and institutional arrangements along the concept of AIS.

FAO and AGRINATURA jointly implement a project funded by the European Commission in support of the action plan of the Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP), a dynamic facilitation mechanism to foster better coherence and greater impact of capacity development for AIS in tropical countries.