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TECA webinar: Soil conservation practices to reduce soil erosion: Terrace Systems

- , 13/12/2022 - 13/12/2022

Soil conservation is becoming increasingly important due to climate change and harmful farming practices. In hilly or mountainous areas, soil erosion is unavoidable due to rain and wind. Terracing is one of the practices used to prevent rainfall runoff in sloping lands for soil and water conservation.

Terracing is a method applied to prevent soil erosion due to excessive rainfall and to reduce the formation of gullies. This consist of ridges constructed across the slope to conserve soil, nutrients and increases the soil productivity, as well as reduces flooding and minimizes soil erosion through decreased slope gradient. Terrace systems are widely spread in east and Southeast Asia for rice farming, and in the Mediterranean for the cultivation of vineyards and olive trees.

This webinar highlights the benefits of implementing terraces system in agriculture.

Languages: English | Chinese

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