Responsible Fishing Practices for Sustainable Fisheries

Webinar on GESAMP WG43 Report on Sea-based Sources of Marine Litter

Online - 15.00 GMT
24/01/2022 - 24/01/2022

The Webinar will discuss main findings of the report on Sea-based Sources of Marine Litter developed by the Joint Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Environmental Protection (GESAMP), Working Group 43 (WG 43). GESAMP is an advisory body, established in 1969, that advises the United Nations (UN) system on the scientific aspects of marine environmental protection. For more details visit:

Over the decades marine litter has been recognized as a threat to ocean health. The overall objective of the GESAMP WG 43 is to build a broader understanding of sources of marine litter, in particular from the fishing and shipping sectors, including the relative contribution of different sources, analysis of plastic use and management within both industries, and the range and extent of impacts from all sea-based sources of marine litter.

 During the webinar we will hear about major finding of the Sea-based Sources of Marine Litter Report and will have an opportunity to ask questions.

The report is publicly available through the following link:

To facilitate participation, simultaneous interpretation will be provided in English, French and Spanish.