The Right to Food

Global Parliamentary Summit against Hunger and Malnutrition

Events - 02.11.2018

2 November 2018, Rome- The Summit gathered more than two hundred parliamentary representatives from different who reaffirmed the political commitment to ensure that everybody has access to sufficient and quality food and to advance political will to achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 2).

The event was a joint initiative of the Spanish Parliament, the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Latin America and the Caribbean Parliamentary Front against Hunger.


The Summit addressed three major themes that will be approached from the angle of parliamentary actions, which included the legislative action a1s well as monitoring the Executive:

Theme 1. Priorities on the path towards Zero Hunger

Theme 2. The challenge of healthy nutrition for all.

Theme 3. Effective action to achieve SDG 2. Here the discussion focused on proposals for actions to improve the impact of public policies and enhance the contribution of the different actors in achieving SDG2: budget and resource allocation, promotion of responsible investments and monitoring the implementation of budgets and policies.

Gender, climate change and sustainability were cross-cutting elements of the three themes.


Inauguration and opening ceremony counted with the participation of:

Authorities of the Government of Spain and the United Nations

José Graziano da Silva, Director-General of FAO

Pio Garcia-Escudero, President of the Senate of Spain

Pedro Sánchez Pérez-Castejón, President of the Government of Spain

Regional Representatives of the Parliamentary Fronts and Alliances

Gabriela Cuevas, President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union

Stephen Julius, Vice President of the Pan-African Parliament

Hugo Richer, General Coordinator of the Parliamentary Fronts in Latin America and the Caribbean

Paolo De Castro, First Vice-Chair of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development and Coordinator of the Alliance of the European Parliament "Fight against Hunger"


The following distinguished speakers took part in the panel discussion: Hilal Elver, Special Rapporteur of the United Nations on the Right to Food Presentation, and Guido Girardi, Senator from Chile.

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