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Ministry of Agriculture of Cuba and FAO launch the first call to legislate on Food Sovereignty and Nutrition Education in Cuba

News - 21.09.2020

With the co-sponsorship of FAO Cuba and the collaboration project "Strengthening policies for sustainable food security in Cuba" of the Cuba Country Program for Sustainable Food Security, financed by the European Union, Cuba’s Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG) launched the first call for legislating on Food Sovereignty and Nutrition Education in the country, within the framework of the approved Plan for Food Security and Nutrition (FSN).

For the first time in the history of Cuba, the Food Sovereignty and Nutrition Education Plan contemplates the guidelines of the Cuban state for the management of local, sovereign and sustainable food systems, based on intersectoral coordination and the participation of actors linked to the production, transformation, commercialization and consumption of food; as well as the promotion of a food culture and nutritional education.

Through the recently launched call, an intersectoral team led by the FSN Plan Office and the MINAG Legal Directorate, made up of representatives of 22 Central State Administration Organizations, Superior Business Management Organizations, other entities, Cuban civil society organizations and FAO will participate in the preparation of the elements of the specific legal framework for the FSN Plan.

These actions will make it possible to give life to the human right to healthy and adequate food, recognized by the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba.

From its website, the Cuba’s Ministry of Agriculture has invited comment on the content and legal precepts that should regulate the new legal norms of the FSN Plan, taking into account its components and strategic axes.

The regulatory legal framework will be considered through participatory activities, with a gender and generational approach, and will articulate the institutional efforts for the adequate implementation of the FSN Plan. Before October 1, on that digital platform it will be possible to issue criteria for adding, deleting, modifying or leaving a comment in this regard.

The FSN Plan is the national platform aimed to achieve full food security, as part of the implementation of the Economic and Social Policy Guidelines of the Party and the Revolution and the Constitution of the Republic.

For the first time, Cuba will have a legal framework that will articulate institutional efforts to work on the availability, access, stability and use of food.


Read here news in Spanish on FAO Cuba website.

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