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Семинар по вопросу о праве на питание для членов парламента Того

News - 14.11.2016

In collaboration with the government of Togo and with the aim to further support the country’s efforts in the progressive realization of the right to food, on 7 November 2016 FAO launched in Lomé a two-day workshop for Togolese Parliamentarians to exchange experiences on the development of a framework law on the right to food.

The target groups involved in the workshop were the members of three parliamentary commissions, specifically the agro-pastoral and regional planning Commission, the human rights and constitutional laws Commission and the Commission for legislation and general administration.

The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Hydraulics, His Excellency Ouro-Koura Agadazi, opened the workshop together with the FAO Representative in Togo, Mr. Antonio Isaac Monteiro, at the presence of other members of the government and Heads of United Nations agencies invited for the occasion.

As a result of the workshop, organized by FAO through the project financially supported by Norway "Integrating the Right to Adequate Food and Good Governance in National Policies, Legislation and Institutions", the capacities of the participants to develop a framework law on the right to food were strengthened and the knowledge of relevant technical tools was also provided. Examples of other countries with existing legal, policy and/or institutional frameworks on the right to adequate food were also shared.

Since March 2014, a series of activities to promote the right to adequate food in order to effectively fight against hunger and malnutrition has been developed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Hydraulics of Togo with FAO technical and financial support. In November 2014, an information workshop for Parliamentarians on the concept of the right to food was held at the Parliament and relayed in the five economic regions of the country by networks of NGOs partners of FAO.

Further to this, thanks to the great interest shown by different actors, an analysis paper on the realization of the right to adequate food in Togo was approved in December 2015 and, in April 2016, a study on "The importance of gender in policy processes related to the right to food: the cases of Senegal and Togo" (only in French) has also been validated.



Photos: ©FAO Togo

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