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Decent Jobs for Youth & Generation Unlimited - Launch New Knowledge Facility, YouthForesight!


Geneva/New York, 4 May, 2021 – The Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth (DJY) and Generation Unlimited (GenU), led by ILO jointly with other entities, including the FAO, unveiled today YouthForesight (, a brand-new knowledge platform that features leading-edge tools, data, and evidence for smarter and effective interventions for youth.

Hosted by GenU and DJY, the platform will be a one-stop shop for development practitioners, policymakers, researchers and young people themselves to learn and share about youth education, skilling, employment, entrepreneurship and engagement through curated tools, data and resources. Through a simple sign-up feature, YouthForesight allows partners to share knowledge resources, gain visibility, and tap into a network of stakeholders dedicated to creating positive change for young people.

Kevin Frey, Chief Executive Officer of Generation Unlimited said: “Under the common vision to improve the livelihood situation and future prospects of young people around the world, GenU is delighted to partner with Decent Jobs for Youth to launch, YouthForesight, a comprehensive knowledge facility which draws from partners’ collective experience and expertise aiming to strengthen evidence-based interventions for youth related initiatives. We look forward to partners’ continued engagement on this facility through resource sharing and participation in knowledge exchange events.”

Sangheon Lee, Director of the ILO’s Employment Policy Department, welcomed this joint platform: “YouthForesight is a great example of how the sum is greater than the parts. By joining forces, the partners of Decent Jobs for Youth and Generation Unlimited are facilitating access to hundreds of resources and networks of stakeholders collaborating for the benefit of youth, including young people’s right to decent work opportunities and their rights at work. I encourage all partners to explore it and make the most of it, especially youth representatives and youth-led organizations.”

DJY and GenU share a common vision to enhance the future prospects of young people and aspire towards multi-stakeholder engagement that boost action and impact for youth. The alignment of efforts was strengthened through the Memorandum of Understanding between ILO and UNICEF signed last year. In addition to the What Works? A Guide to Action jointly launched last summer, the YouthForesight is another example of the collaboration between DJY and GenU along the partners. Going forward, the two initiatives will continue to join forces to ensure coordinated results for and with young people globally.

What’s next?

The facility becomes more powerful when stakeholders and partners utilize, share and add new resources to the platform. Browse the platform using the search feature and consider becoming a partner to contribute to YouthForesight. Find out more information on how to use the platform and to become a knowledge partner here.

DJY and GenU will be organizing knowledge-sharing webinars to share partner knowledge, evidence and good practices from YouthForesight. To receive the webinar invitations and newsletters featuring latest knowledge resources, please subscribe here. Stay tuned to join the discussions!

Partners' support on the launch of YouthForesight


About Decent Jobs for Youth

The UN Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth is the multi-stakeholder alliance to scale up action and impact on youth employment under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It brings together governments, social partners, youth and civil society organizations, the private sector, the UN System and others working together to share knowledge, leverage resources and take action at country and regional levels to support young people in accessing decent work and productive employment worldwide.

About Generation Unlimited

Generation Unlimited is a global multi-sector partnership convened by the UN Secretary-General at the 73rd United Nations General Assembly in September 2018. Hosted by UNICEF, Generation Unlimited (GenU) works to ensure that the world’s 1.8 billion youth are connected to the internet, have access to world-class digital learning and skilling solutions and are economically empowered with employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. Generation Unlimited creates public-private partnerships – globally and in countries – to co-create and support investment opportunities, programmes and innovations at a large scale, and to help young people become productive in life.