SAVE FOOD: Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste Reduction

Report of the "2015 Series of International Conferences on Food Loss and Waste"

11 May 2016

Numerous initiatives have been developed world-wide to combat FLW. However, 2015 has the distinction of being one of the most active years in recent memory. Seven international conferences addressing food loss and waste reduction were planned and executed with the support of SAVE FOOD. Taking the opportunity to structure these conferences so that they reinforce each other and lead to substantive outcomes rather than just serving as platforms for discussions, SAVE FOOD worked with its partners to coordinate these events in a sequential manner so that results were complementary, and overlapping - though sometimes inescapable - was reduced. These conferences were promoted under the umbrella of the 2015 Series of International Conferences on Food Loss and Waste Reduction and were attended by over 2,000 participants during the course of 2015. The events were also heavily promoted across the SAVE FOOD platform and among its membership. This report contains the deliberations, findings and recommendations of the conference participants, notably the ideas mentioned and initiatives proposed that can strategically lead to reduced food loss and waste. In the last chapter some conclusions have been formulated by the FAO-Save Food team.

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