SAVE FOOD: Initiative mondiale de réduction des pertes et du gaspillage alimentaires

‘I Pledge’ social media campaign kicked off under Save Your Food

26 Oct 2020

Ankara, Turkey – Under the joint Save Your Food campaign, FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkey launched a national social media initiative called “I Pledge”, which aims to trigger food waste reduction through behavioural change around food. 

At the press conference assembled on this occasion, the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Bekir Pakdemirli recounted the progress made by the Save Your Food campaign since its launch in May 2020. Pakdemirli underlined the efforts made to educate and sensitize the public with the issue.

Initiated by Minister Pakdemirli, the “I Pledge” social media campaign also received extensive support from numerous public figures, notably well-known nutritionist and FAO Supporter Dilara Koçak as well as singer Gülben Ergen, actress and singer Şevval Sam, TV Presenter and author Özge Uzun and former football player Tanju Çolak.

The Save Your Food campaign in Turkey plans to widen consumer knowledge of the benefits of reducing food waste and encourage the development of waste prevention behaviours – so as to achieve profound and lasting changes in the way that people consume food. “Save Your Food” has also invited public and private partners to support the activities organized under the campaign. The engagement of other stakeholders, including the country’s largest producers and retailers, will be essential for the creation of an environment conducive for such behavioural change.