SAVE FOOD: Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste Reduction

International Workshop on Food Loss and Food Waste

  • 2016: 7-9 November, Washington, D.C., United States
    The World Bank Group (its agencies International Bank for Reconstruction and Development IBRD and  International Development Association IDA), in partnership with the Korea Green Growth Trust Fund (KGGTF) and the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) of North America (Canada, USA, Mexico) organized an International Workshop on Food Loss and Food Waste in Washington D.C. [read more]

Conference: ‘WASTE NOT, WANT NOT: The Circular Economy to Food Security’, in Canberra, Australia on 29-30 August 2016.

The network’s member Crawford Found is organizing the Annual Conference titled ‘WASTE NOT, WANT NOT: The Circular Economy to Food Security’. The conference, to be held in Canberra on 29-30 August 2016, has eminent international and Australian speakers who will address a broad range of food loss and waste issues and solutions, with innovative case studies of impact along the field-to-fork value chain and beyond. Included presentations directly related to the role of supermarkets, the private sector and on the management and reuse of waste. Registration is now open:

40 percent of food produced in U.S. is thrown out

2016: How the US can solve its multibillion food waste problem - report. The report, Roadmap to Reduce US Food Waste, lays out strategies that companies, along with governments, consumers and foundations, can implement to reduce the amount of discarded food in the country by 13m tons a year. 

Thai and Australian chefs together with Unep unite to fight food waste

  • 2015: The UN Environment Programme Asia Pacific has enlisted the support of Australian food rescue organisation, OzHarvest, to educate and raise awareness about the issues of global food waste, food security and sustainability. [read more]

The Last Food Mile Conference

  • 2014: LOW’s Senior Liaison Officer gave a keynote presentation on “Food Loss and Waste and the Environmental Footprint” at the Last Food Mile Conference in Philadelphia, sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania and USDA [read more]

OzHarvest and the United Nations team together to address the Global Food Crisis

  • 2014: OzHarvest successfully feeds thousands using surplus at the United Nations Think.Eat.Save events to fight food waste [read more]

Nourish Program by OzHarvest

  • 2014: The aim of the Nourish Program is to train, skill up, mentor and provide hope to disadvantaged youth and provide them pathways to employment in the food and hospitality industry [read more]