Sudan Soil Information System (SuSIS)

SuSIS was launched in 2016 with the focus of providing dynamic soil resource information to a wide range of needs. For a long time, Sudan soil resource information has been in the form of hard copy maps, reports, and databases that are scattered in different places. Although the country has rich soil information, the use of such information remains doubtful owing to the lack of a central repository for dissemination and management. SUSIS is a system for collection, storage, manipulation and dissemination of soil and land resource information in a way that is intended to benefit accurate and sustainable exploitation of soil and land resources in Sudan.

Project Details

Project Symbol: TCP/SUD/3601

Project Title: Sudanese Soil Information System and Digital Soil Mapping

Actual EOD: 01 March 2016

Actual NTE:28 February 2018

Total Budget: USD 380, 000