Portail d'information sur les sols

Latin America and Caribbean Soil Information System (SISLAC)

The sustained production of soil information is essential for monitoring progress on the Agenda 2030 and national development plans. In 2012, FAO created a soil information system in Latin America, the SISLAC, which initially relied on a series of data provided by the countries and culminated, in the first stage, with the generation of soil maps at a scale of 1:1,000,000. Since June 2017, the regional soil project has been carrying out a series of training courses on digital soil mapping and a new SISLAC design is being carried out to strengthen the soil information capacities of participating countries. The soil and environmental statistics team is available to assist the countries of the region on this subject, articulating a regional network of expertise, resources and mutual support. The updated system will be hosted by free software on the FAO platform in Rome. In this way, and according to FAO's soil data policy, (http://www.fao.org/3/a-bs975e.pdf) countries will be able to give credit to the institutions that generate the data and maintain control over all the data that are integrated into the system.


Project Details

Project Symbol: TCP/RLE/3613 

Project Title: Development of capacities on soil information for the sustainable management of natural resources in the countries of South America

Total Budget: USD 256,000

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