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Foundation for Agricultural Innovation (FIA)

Loreley 1582, La Reina. Santiago
Phone number(s)
Tel: +56 2 24313000
Areas of expertise
Économie du développement, Systèmes de soutien à l'agriculture, Ressources forestières, ENVIRONNEMENT, CHANGEMENT CLIMATIQUE ET BIOÉNERGIE, Gestion des ressources naturelles, Ressources hydrauliques et gestion de l'eau, Ressources génétiques
Mandate, main activities of the institution and competencies


To foster a culture of innovation in the agricultural, agro-food and forestry sector, promoting and articulating innovation initiatives that contributes to improving the living conditions of women farmers and farmers in all regions of the country.


Main Activities

Design, operation and management of programs and instruments to promote innovation.



Design and management of innovation programs, design of innovation promotion instruments, management of calls, technical and strategic evaluation of innovation initiatives, technical and financial support of innovation initiatives.

Summary of the activities during the last two years

Provision of expertise to other countries or institutions:

No related activities in recent years.


Provision of reference substances/services/training to other countries or institutions:

No related activities in recent years.


Collaboration with FAO and other institutions and organizations:

Technical Meeting in the framework of the GEF / MINAGRI / FAO project on the SIPAM program (March 2017)


Knowledgedissemination: conferences, meetings and publications:

FIA and its role in the Chilean National Innovation System, at the 7th International Congress on Agriculture, held in the framework of the IX International Convention and Expo Expo Agrofuturo, held in the city of Medellín - Colombia (August 2014).

Technical talk regarding the model and tools for the promotion of innovation in the agro-food sector in Chile, to the Zambezi Valley Development Agency (ZVDA) of Mozambique, coordinated by the World Bank. (July 2015).

FIA and its role in the Chilean National Innovation System, at Expogestión Oriente 2015, held in the city of Bucaramanga – Colombia (September 2015)

Legal status and Government arrangements of the institutions

Non-profit foundation

Potential activities through SSC

Potential Modalities

Bilateral or triangular cooperation on issues related to the promotion of innovation in the agri-food and forestry sector.


Potential Activities

Workshops, seminars, consultancies, internships, evaluation of programs or instruments to promote innovation (in the form of "peer evaluation").

Name and details of the head of the institution

[Executive Director]: María José Etchegaray Espinosa

Tel: +56 2 24313000

E-mail: [email protected]

Focal points

[Head of Projects and Programs Unit]:  Rodrigo Gallardo Flores

Tel: +56 2 24313000

E-mail: [email protected]


[Head of Strategic Development Unit]: Soledad Hidalgo

Tel: +56 2 24313000

E-mail: [email protected]