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Institute of Production Technology – ITP

Carretera a Ventanilla Km. 5.2 - Callao
Phone number(s)
(511) 577-0116 / (511) 577-0118
Areas of expertise
PRODUCTION ANIMALE, Secteur halieutique, Produits forestiers
Mandate, main activities of the institution and competencies
  • Mission statement: The Technological Institute of Peru Production - ITP was created on August 14, 1979, as a decentralized body of public law. Its mission is to develop innovative products and processes that create value with a focus on sustainability and implement technology extension services, technology adaptation, research, development and technology transfer; to contribute to improving the competitiveness of the productive sector, with respect to the consumer, and in collaboration with its strategic partners.


  • Main activities: The ITPs function is to promote and conduct scientific and technological research, in order to achieve the optimum and rational utilization of production resources and disseminate their results; promote knowledge of the techniques and methods of handling, preservation and processing of such resources. As well as carrying out surveillance and health monitoring of all phases of production.


  • Competencies: Scientific research in the areas of hydro-biological production. Technology transfer.
Summary of the activities during the last two years
  • Provision / supply expertise / knowledge to other countries or institutions:
    • Agricultural production of grapes, pisco, table and winelands
    • Production of spirits from table grape vines
    • Strengthening the productive skills of the curtiembre
    • Seafood processing
    • Silage development from raw fish waste


  • Type of contribution (material / services / training to other countries or institutions):
    • Technology transfer in agricultural production of table grapes
    • Processing technology transfer of distillates from fruit
    • Capacity building for technical staff providing services to companies producing leather
    • Processing technology transfer fishing cured product (saladita)
    • Technology transfer for obtaining a stable environment silage


  • Collaboration with FAO and other institutions and organizations


  • Dissemination of knowledge: conferences, meetings and publications:
    • Meetings
    • Publications
    • Workshops and Seminars
Legal status and Government arrangements of the institutions

Legal status, particularly with the Government - The Institute of Production Technology is a specialized technical agency (OTE), under the Ministry of Production. Its objective is to integrate into a single organism from the former Institute of Fishery Technology, in compliance with the Twenty-Fifth Provision of the Law on Budget 2013, Ley N° 29951 

Arrangements with the Government - Government Agency

Potential activities through SSC

Potential Methods:

   - Training

   - Internships

   - Technical assistance

Potential Activities:

  - Training

  - Internships

  - Technical assistance


Name and details of the head of the institution

Executive Director, Sr. Fernando Alarcón Díaz

    - Tel: +(51-1)  577 0116 /  (+51-1) 577 0118 anexo 101

    - E-mail: [email protected]

Focal points

Alberto Salas Maldonado - Director General de Investigación Tecnológica para la Transformación Pesquera,

         - Tel: +(51-1)  577 0116 /  (+51-1) 577 0118 anexo 131

         - email: [email protected]