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Directorate of Water, Forestry, Hunting and Soil Conservation (DEFCCS)

Parc Forestier de Hann, B.P. 1831, Dakar
Phone number(s)
(221) 33 831 01 01– Fax (221) 33 832 04 26
Mandate, main activities of the institution and competencies


Under the authority of the Ministry for the Environment and Sustainable Development, the Directorate of Water, Forestry, Hunting and Soil Conservation (DEFCCS) is in charge of formulating and implementing national forestry policy. The Directorate enacts State prerogatives in the areas of soil conservation and management of forest ecosystems and wildlife.

Main activities:

  • restructuring the forestry sector on the basis of a strategy of participatory reclassification/declassification of forestry zones involving all relevant actors
  • rationalizing the exploitation of forestry resources by systematizing the implementation of sustainable development plans for forests with populations at their heart
  • undertaking soil conservation and restoration actions and promoting the certification of forestry products
  • improving the conservation of biodiversity in all ecosystems and restoring the production capacity of agrarian and agroforestry systems
  • using synergy to promote public forestry based on the management of protected areas and support/advice, community forestry including urban forestry to promote natural resource management by local groups and private forestry to add value
  • strengthening the technical capacities of State agents, local elected officials and grass roots organizations and developing their management and organizational capacities
  • seeking synergy among various national development policies by linking forestry programmes with other operational public programmes such as park and reserve management, National Agricultural Development Programme (PNDA), National Livestock Development Programme (PNDE), the agro-sylvo-pastoral development policy, energy subsector policy document, poverty reduction strategy paper (DSRP), land management, town planning, hydraulic energy, tourism and so forth.
Summary of the activities during the last two years
  • Providing expertise to other countries or institutions:
  • Providing reference substances, services or training to other countries or institutions:
  • Collaboration with FAO and other institutions and organizations:
  • Knowledge dissemination: conferences, meetings and publications 
Legal status and Government arrangements of the institutions
  • public department
Potential activities through SSC
  • Capacity building (forest inventory, forest management, cartography, internships)
  • Partnership (receiving interns, secondment of experts)
Name and details of the head of the institution

Colonel Baidy Ba, Director of Water, Forests, Hunting and Soil Conservation 
Telephone: +221 33 831 01 01
E-mail: [email protected]

List of experts

TITLE AND FULL NAME: Mamadou Gaye, water and forestry engineer, Head of Forest Management Office  

Areas of expertise: Sylviculture, forest management, planning, monitoring and assessment, forest economies, agroforestry, project formulation and so forth.

Number of years experience: 15


Brief CV (maximum 150 words)

ü  University courses: (i) Water and forestry engineering diploma from the National College for Rural Managers in Bambey (ENCR), (ii) diploma in design engineering in agricultural sciences (forestry option) from the Rural Polytechnic Institute for Training and Applied Research in Katibougou (IPR/IFRA, Mali) and (iii) many other certificates from courses attended in Senegal and abroad

ü  November 2014 to present: Head of Forest Management Office in the Directorate of Water, Forestry, Hunting and Soil Conservation in Senegal /Dakar

ü  February 2014 to November 2014: Deputy to Regional Inspector of Water and Forestry in Kaolack 

ü  February 2009 to October 2010: Deputy to Regional Inspector of Water and Forestry in Sédhiou and Head of the Division of Forest Management, Monitoring and Assessment  

ü  June 2005 - January 2009: Head of the Division of Monitoring, Assessment and Training at the Regional Inspectorate for Water and Forestry in Kolda

ü   October 2005: Recruited into the civil service and assigned to the Ministry of the Environment and Nature Protection  

ü  January to September 2005: Assistant to the Head of Monitoring and Assessment of the Regional Coordination Office (BRC) of the National Rural Infrastructure Programme (PNIR) in Tambacounda 

ü  September to December 2004: Interim Departmental Supervisor of the USU/PNIR Office in Kédougou 

ü  April 2003 to September 2004: Assistant to the Departmental Coordinator of the National Rural Infrastructure Programme (PNIR) in the rural community of Bandafassi

ü  July 1999 to January 2003: Regional Coordinator (Saint Louis) of activities under the Programme of Agricultural Recovery and Partnership for Economic Growth (PROVAL/PEG) implemented by the United States NGO Winrock International.



( : + 221 77 642 58 22  (mobile)

( : + 221 33 831 01 01  (office)

E-mail: [email protected]   

            [email protected]






Summary of competencies

-  Forestry

-  Training

-          Design and implementation of forest management plans  

-          Inventory and management of terrestrial wildlife and protected areas

-          Design and implementation of forest and ecology inventory protocols  

-          Governance, leading of multi-stakeholder processes, advocacy and lobbying

-          Administrative and financial programme management  

-          Creation of partnerships  

-          Participatory approaches

-          Creation of agricultural programmes  

-          Teaching/training  

-          Analysis and development of chains for agricultural and forestry products  

-          Design of agroforestry projects  

-          Teamwork

-          Sense of initiative

-          Excellent analysis and summary skills  

-          Setting up of domestic network and software installation

-          Good grasp of cartography with Arcview

-          Competent in software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and so forth)

University / Diplomas

¨       1995 – 1998    Civil engineer in agronomy and forestry                                           

Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Sciences Agronomiques Appliquées in  Dijon (France) with specialization at the Centre de Montpellier de l’Ecole Nationale du Génie rural et des Eaux et Forêts (ENGREF)

¨       1983 – 1986 Water and forestry engineer                          

National College for Rural Managers in Bambey (Senegal)

¨       1975 – 1982     Baccalauréat series C (secondary education)

Lycée Abdoulaye Sadji de Rufisque


Languages                   Reading                   Writing              Speaking


 French                       Excellent                  Excellent             Excellent

English                         Good                          Good                    Weak                                 





Nature of work


Since April 2014



Head of the Division of Forest Management and Production  


- National coordination of formulation and monitoring of forest management plans 

- Planning and monitoring of forest exploitation projects  

- Monitoring of energy policy aspects relating to wood fuels

- Technical validation of forest management plans  

- Participation in the technical validation of wildlife management plans

- Leading the working group on forest management  

- Visiting lecturer at Universities of Ziguinchor and Thiès in dendrometry, forest inventory and forest management 

Directorate of Water and Forestry



Head of Forest Management Office

- Steering the development of forestry training for the State and local groups  

- Leading the process of drafting national forest management guidelines  

- Coordination of the process of reviewing texts on forest tax

- Participation in the collaborate research process on improving the competitiveness of drinks and nectars made using local fruits in Senegal

-Visiting lecturer in Universities of Ziguinchor and Thiès in dendrometry, forest inventory and forest management 

- Inventory of the protected forest in Mbao and drafting of a management plan (consultation)

Directorate of Water and Forestry



ANCAR Regional Director, Tamba

- Formulation and implementation of agricultural advisory programmes  based on requests received  

- Introduction of a local peanut seed programme  

- Administrative and financial management  

- Management and arbitration

- Representing the institution

- Negotiation of partnership with the Crédit Mutuelle Sénégalais, the Programme for the Sustainable and Participatory Management of Traditional and Alternative Energy, the National Union for Banana Sector Actors in Senegal (UNAFIBS) and so forth

- Partnership with the Farmers Association

- Support for the milk and banana sectors  

- Inventory of the community forest in Sambandé (consultation)

- Drafting of management plans for Nétteboulou an Missirah-Kothiary

- Support for the training of inventory teams in Progede

National Agricultural and Rural Advisory Agency (ANCAR)




1998-2001 Teacher at ENCR

- Teaching technical staff in dendrometry, forest inventory and forest management 

- Training farmers (on request)

- Design of agroforestry research project  

- Pedagogical coordination within the Department

- Participation in the drafting of the Progede inventory plan (DFS)

- Support for the training of inventory teams in Progede

National College for Rural Managers in Bambey (ENCR)   

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