FAO South-South Cooperation Gateway


FAO has launched a new South-South Cooperation (SSC) Gateway. Wider country involvement and feedback is welcomed.

The SSC Gateway is designed purely for information exchange. Institutions are put forward by governments and FAO is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided, nor does it endorse the institutions showcased.


Institutions are showcased, profiling key areas of expertise with links to their web sites for further information. In some cases, rosters of experts are also provided.

Expertise can be searched by areas of expertise, name of institution or country.

Direct contact can be made with the focal point specified for the institution of interest, or FAO can be engaged to facilitate the partnership.

An overview of all FAO-facilitated SSC initiatives is also provided.


Southern countries interested in showcasing their public institutions and expertise in the areas of agriculture and food security, are encouraged to get in contact with FAO.

Institutions should be proposed by the Government to the local FAO Representation.

FAO’s Role as SSC Facilitator

Throughout the process, member countries can engage FAO to facilitate SSC. Following an official request to the FAO Representation, FAO can help make the match and facilitate the SSC exchange. To learn more about FAO’s role, click here.