FAO in Sudan

Programmes in Sudan

FAO and the Government of Sudan jointly signed off the Country Programming Framework effective for the period (2012-2016).

Priority 1. Policy development and strengthening of agricultural statistical systems

Capacity development and consolidation of policy, laws, planning and information institutions, systems and mechanism reforms and development in agriculture, fisheries and forestry of Sudan.

Outcome: Functional capacity for policy and planning, legal reform and improvement on valid and reliable management information system at federal, states, local and community levels enhanced, developed and sustained.

Priority 2. Enhancing productivity, production and competitiveness

Capacity development of agricultural research, technology and knowledge development and transfer for enhanced productivity, production and competitiveness institutions, systems and mechanisms in agriculture, fisheries and forestry of Sudan.

Outcome: Agricultural research and technology transfer policy and implementing capacities and institutions developed and sustained.

Priority 3. Conservation and development of natural resources

Capacity development of natural resources' conservation and management institutions, systems and mechanisms in agriculture, forestry and fisheries of Sudan.

Outcome: Existing laws, policies and programs on environmental sustainability effectively implemented and protected; biological resource rich areas identified and protected and biodiversity conserved; and ecologically fragile and sensitive areas identified and protected.

Priority 4. Disaster risk management (DRM)

Capacity building of drought risk management institutions, systems and mechanisms in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries of Sudan.

Outcome: Improved environment for DRM in agriculture with appropriate legislation, policies and institutional framework and capacity enabled; improved information and early warning systems with capacity to monitor, preparedness and response to agricultural threats and emergencies enhanced; disaster preparedness at all levels improved and risks to agricultural threats reduced.

Sudan Plan of Action (2015-2019)

The Plan of Action (PoA) (summary) prioritizes and promotes interrelated and mutually supporting and sustainable short-, medium- and long-term interventions at all levels in support of the relief, recovery and development of Sudan's small-scale agriculture sector and to address and overcome the underlying causes of vulnerability in Sudan. 

  • Strategic Intervention 1. Improved policy and institutional environment for food and nutrition security and resilience programming.
  • Strategic Intervention 2. Enhancing production, productivity and competitiveness of the crops, livestock and forestry sub-sectors and agricultural climate change adaptation
  • Strategic Intervention 3. Natural resource management and livelihood, food security and nutrition response, protection and recovery.
  • Strategic Intervention 4.National, regional and international control of threats to Sudanese food chains

Gender, nutrition ,Peace and stability and other cross cutting issues such as capacity development will be treated as integral parts in all the priority areas identified for the cooperation.