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FAO stresses need for agricultural investment in Africa


Addis Ababa, February 3, Walta Information Center (WIC) - The Eastern Africa office of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has stressed the need for expanding agricultural investment in Africa.

In a message distributed yesterday evening at a reception held in connection with the 12th African Union Summit at the Hilton hotel, FAO underlined the need for a 30 billion annual agricultural investment in the world.

“To attract this level of investment, agriculture must be made more profitable, particularly in developing countries. Profitability requires a minimum of investment in public goods such as human capacities, infrastructure and functional institutions for production and markets.” the statement affirms.

The statement also says that local governments, development partners, the private sector and other concerned bodies should take the lead in curbing the challenge of food security and bringing about agricultural development in Africa.

FAO Eastern Africa coordinator, Mafa E. Chipeta (pictured above), also on the occasion indicated that significant amount of money is coming to Africa for development. “However, development is not only about money. It is about knowledge and hard work,” he said.

He also indicated that FAO has launched various efforts to support the various endeavors to ensure food security in the continent.

FAO also urged the international community to continue the global humanitarian food assistance but also to expedite agricultural investment in the continent.