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Our current food systems cannot fulfill their purpose to provide nutritious and healthy food to all and contribute to enhanced livelihood opportunities in an environmentally sustainable way. They are being challenged by several factors, including changing diets, technology, urbanization and climate change.

In many instances, the problem lies in the constraints of the system, far beyond agricultural production. There may be enough food to potentially feed everyone - preventing the dual healthy burdens of malnutrition and obesity-, however, the economic and territorial imbalances are such that food systems do not generate fair economic returns for all actors, particularly for small-scale producers, triggering an endless cycle of precariousness and poverty. 

The FSA started with 8 pilot countries (Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Madagascar, Malawi, Nepal, and Senegal) and is extending to over 50 countries.


Under a partnership between the European UnionFAO, and CIRAD, in cooperation with national and food systems stakeholders, a large-scale assessment and consultation on food systems was initiated in more than 50 countries, as a first step towards transforming them.

The assessments are based on a systemic approach that takes into consideration food systems as a whole and examine the many interactions across four key sectors: nutrition and food security, economic well-being, territorial equity, and environmental protection. The evidence and knowledge gathered so far has identified key sustainability questions that will help define innovative policy and investments solutions in view of transforming food systems to make them more sustainable and inclusive. The results of the assessments also contribute to the national dialogues organized in the framework of the UN Food System Summit held in September 2021.

Latest stories

(September 2021) As world leaders gather in New York for the UN Food Systems Summit, convened under the General Assembly, to discuss solutions to improve the world's food systems, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is releasing key results from a major food systems assessment programme...

(June 2021) Fifty countries are conducting food system assessments, with support from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the European Union (EU) and the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD). 

(October 2020) Our food systems are under pressure, be it from climate change, changing demographics, COVID-19 or other shocks. Transforming food systems to be more sustainable, resilient and inclusive requires a clear understanding of their different dimensions.


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Bhutan early insight

July 2021


Madagascar early insight
September 2021


Burkina Faso early insight

September 2021


Nepal early insight

September 2021

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