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©FAO/Alessandra Benedetti / FAO
Fifteen Moroccan citrus, tomato and berry producers and their interprofessional association representatives travelled to Warsaw in mid-January to explore trade...
: Event photos by FAO Egypt / Stephanie Leontiev; Silos operator photo ©FAO/Jordi Vaque;
100 million consumers in Egypt will obtain safer and more nutritious food with the implementation of best international practices of...
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Jordan’s olive oil sector has excellent potential to become stronger, more competitive and profitable
EBRD, FAO and EU support Tunisian producers in their export ambitions In Tunisia, the harvest season for olives is about to start....
© Hamish John Appelby / IWMI
The Arab region has grappled with water scarcity for centuries. But population growth, rapid urbanization, changing diets, forced displacement and...
FAO/Jordi Vaque
The food safety system of Egypt is undergoing a major transition: the newly established National Food Safety Authority (NFSA).  NFSA...
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