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EBRD and FAO give quality wines of the Western Balkans a boost

A regional wine symposium is helping build agrifood system resilience and diversify export markets.
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FAO Investment Centre’s 2022 Annual Review looks at achievements and priorities

Investments rose 22 percent in year that saw agrifood systems battle multiple shocks
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Digitalizing cows in Georgia

How women veterinarians are bolstering traceability and food safety in Georgia

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08 July 2022
Increasing climate risks and extreme weather events pose big challenges to Nepal’s agriculture sector – from reduced food production and water scarcity to the loss of biodiversity and forests. Setting its sights on a more productive, inclusive, resilient and low-carbon...
06 July 2022
Agricultural production in sub-Saharan Africa tends to be scattered, informal and often not up to quality standards. But the region has huge potential to increase its agricultural production and productivity given the booming demand for food commodities.In a push...
06 July 2022
Around 80 percent of Solomon Islanders live in rural areas. Most rely on agriculture and fisheries for their food and money. But the country's agriculture sector, increasingly prone to climate hazards, has underperformed over the last two decades, hamstrung by...
06 July 2022
The loss of life, suffering and massive economic and supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are stark reminders of the importance of a One Health approach. Investing in such an approach – striving towards optimal health for people,...
06 July 2022
In Tajikistan, temperatures are rising and precipitation patterns are shifting, with periods of drought becoming more frequent and intense. These changes pose a particular threat to rainfed agricultural cropping and rangeland productivity in the country’s mountainous areas, with significant impacts...
06 July 2022
Individual or collective land titling obtained under Nicaragua’s Land Administration Project, known as PRODEP, contributed significantly to a greater perception among beneficiaries of increased land tenure security and land value. These were among the findings of an impact evaluation carried...
06 July 2022
Gaining a foothold in a crowded global olive oil market involves improving quality standards and productivity – from field to shelf – and better marketing. Over the last several years, FAO and the EBRD have been supporting the olive oil...