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Investing in farmers: Agriculture human capital investment strategies

New FAO/IFPRI global study makes strong case for investing in small-scale farmers
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What is it that makes olive oil good?

How one project is boosting olive oil quality in Morocco
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04 September 2020
Peru is using innovation to transform its fisheries and aquaculture sector – a move designed to boost productivity, open up new markets and safeguard the country’s natural resources. With The World Bank funding and FAO investment expertise, the Peruvian Government is...
04 September 2020
Four out of five Malians living in rural communities do not have access to financial capital to develop economic activities. This can result in food shortages, reliance on a subsistence economy and no financial safety net. FAO is providing technical assistance...
04 September 2020
The GAFSP awarded USD 12 million to Kiribati, Tuvalu, the Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia in 2019 as part of a multi-country funding proposal prepared by FAO and IFAD. GAFSP offered USD 100 million in competitive grant funding,...
04 September 2020
FAO teamed up with Google to develop Earth Map, a free, easy-to-use tool that accesses and analyses geospatial data. It provides unprecedented access for visualizing and interacting with earth observation datasets and overcomes big data limitations for use in real-time...
04 September 2020
In sub-Saharan Africa, the working age population will likely double by 2050 – even sooner in some parts.  In Senegal, where youth are a majority, rural unemployment and underemployment rates are high. As a result, many young people are fleeing to...
04 September 2020
In 2019, the IDB requested the Centre’s technical assistance in the design of the Bank’s USD 90 million Comprehensive Rural Development and Productivity Project in Honduras. This was thanks largely to the Centre’s earlier study and policy efforts on the...
04 September 2020
The Egyptian Government has long subsidized baladi bread – a mainstay in the Egyptian diet – made from 82 percent wheat flour extraction, with wheat purchased domestically and abroad. To keep this guarantee and feed its vast and growing population, Egypt...