Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization


Manual harvesting tend to be slow and is normally done using simple hand tools such as sickles, knives etc. Therefore, the use of mechanized machines in harvesting operations increase the output in terms of crops harvested per unit time and the quality of the final product. Harvesting machines are designed to suit operations at different scales (small, medium and large scale machines are available for use in the harvesting operations), including the combine harvesters. The use of more efficient harvesting machines contribute to the reduction of postharvest losses.

In addition, the reduction of the harvest time is important in areas with several cropping seasons, where early crop establishment can contribute to higher yields for the following crop.

The use of adequate equipment, as well as the availability of hire services for harvesting, can make a difference for smallholders who depend on timely delivery of the production. Reapers and harvesters are adapted to different crops and sizes.